How Did We Spend Our Fourth of July?

While others enjoyed the beach and explosives, our fearless leader worked as we prepare to move into a 3,000 square foot facility.

Ever remember those papers in elementary school where you get to rehash your entire summer while looking forward to a dreary year indoors and away from all the fun you had just a few weeks ago? Well, here’s a recount of a similar sort, except we here at TheeDigital are looking forward to the future with excitement!

July Fourth Web Design Blog

So, what did we do on our Fourth of July weekend? Sure, we all had the cookouts and fireworks that everyone hopes for on the Fourth. Interestingly enough, my fiance proved that fabrics made in the 70’s were most definitely not flame-retardant, and he built a huge bonfire with cushion covers made of polyester and cotton as fire-starters. It brought back memories of fire safety classes where I was taught about non-retardant cottons being dubbed “nitro cotton”. Boy, they weren’t kidding on the “nitro” part! Thankfully, the only thing we ended up “cooking” over this fire were a little bit of our eyebrows as I’m sure those cushion covers probably had some toxic chemicals in them.

But what happened to the TheeDigital while its diligent staff was out playing with fire and explosives? Well, we were working to open our brand new office! Our fearless leader, Richard Horvath, spent countless precious Fourth of July beach hours painting, building, refitting and supervising the construction of our new office on Glenwood Avenue. With a brand new, state of the art, green screen studio, an open team-fostering floor plan for our developers, and plenty of space to keep growing with our ever-expanding clientele, we are looking forward to moving to our new site by the end of the month.

We look forward with excitement to the move and the things in store for us at our new location. So, as you see, instead of the sad ending of those school papers you remember writing as a kid, this one has a happy ending. Stay tuned for more updates on our move and any other excitement that is sure to come our way!