All The Colors of The Rainbow

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In any kind of design, you try to decide what the best combination of shape and color is appealing to you and your potential viewers. Hundreds of dollars are spent in the marketing world in some bigger corporations trying to decide just that. But why is color especially so important? We’ll take a look at just what does color mean to consumers and in turn, what it means to you? Have you ever noticed your local fast food restaurants? Burger King, Mc Donald’s, Hardee’s, Jack N’ the Box, and the list goes on and on all have one thing in common, color scheme. Red and yellow are big factors in each company’s logo. Both red and yellow are attention getters, yellow being the hardest color for the eye to draw itself away from and denotes positivity. Red also signifies vitality and strength, important factors in determining what foods you wish to eat to become each of those traits. The combination of those colors appeals to your survival instincts. No wonder these restaurants are so popular with children, who are more instinct than knowledge-driven when making choices. Let’s look at banks now. Blue and green are popular choices for these businesses. Green is simple for us to understand. Money is green, and therefore, a bank who uses a lot of green in their logo and décor is focused on our money, right? But what about blue? Blue, especially paired with gray, conveys importance and confidence without being somber and also may suggest elegance. Looking at that, it’s no small wonder that there are some banks who use blue with green. Not only are they focused on your money, but you can have confidence in them. So it’s no surprise that when you design your logo, color is just as important as the black and white line art that goes into it. What are you trying to suggest with your company’s design? Are you a nursery that wants to remind people of spring when they’re thinking of buying plants? Purple and green is the way to go! How about a chic new hair salon looking to share your vision of professional, cutting edge and stylish hair designs? Try black and white with a splash of bright color, like yellow or orange. What about a simple earth-friendly grocery? Beige and green would be ideal. Stuck on what would look right for you? Your friends at TheeDigital can help. Established in 2004 – with a team of talented web and graphic designers – we can help you swim through the color palette to decide what would be catchy and recognizable and convey the message you wish to present to potential customers.
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Richard Horvath is the founder of TheeDigital, a Raleigh based award-winning web design and digital marketing agency. He is proud of his team and the results that they provide to their clients.

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