Being a Superhero in Your Business – #4 Content

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Part 4: Content

”Riddle me this, riddle me that, why is website content nothing to laugh at?” “Because Riddler, content is just as important as the big black bat!” Even Batman knows the importance of excellent website content, effectively ruining the Riddler’s plans to unseat him with a web design and SEO riddle. While they probably don’t understand why relevant and trustworthy website content is so important, we do – and are able to help explain its importance to local Raleigh businesses who want to run efficient internet marketing campaigns.
Super Business Series - Content

”Why So Serious?”

Content is no joking matter, as even some popular SEO’s are saying that “Content is King.” Google, Bing and Yahoo place an extremely high value on website content, wanting to provide users with the most relevant content to their particular search. Avoid bad content habits such as duplicate/copying content, cloaking, and keyword stuffing as those are sure fire ways to get lost in the mix of hundreds of websites, or even worse, get penalized. Website content should be original, fresh, and provide value to your customers. Writing your own content is the best way to ensure that your text and images are relevant to what your website is about and easily crawl-able by the search engines.

Holy Content, Batman!

Content comes in many forms. From blogs and podcasts to memes and cartoons, content can be molded into a variety of mediums that are easily shareable, both on your website and throughout the internet universe. And it needs to be unique, fresh, and your own. In addition to continually creating fresh content, it’s also necessary to massage your existing website content. Your website pages and subpages provide in-depth information about your business, selling visitors on your products and services. Keep those pages and subpages up-to-date, tweaking words, phrases, and even meta-data to be SEO-friendly. Just as Batman strives to protect Gotham City from the Riddlers and Jokers, business owners should strive to serve and deliver unique and valuable content to your customers.
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