Bad vs Good SEO (Infographic)

There are good, white-hat SEO practices and there are bad, black-hat SEO practices. How do you spot the good SEO agencies from the bad?

There are good white hat SEO practices and there are bad black hat SEO practices. Do you know which your internet marketing agency is delivering?

How to Spot Good vs Bad SEO Agencies

Many organizations and one-man operations claim to provide superior search engine optimization (SEO) services. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and spout out empty promises like, “Sure, I can get you on page 1 next week!” But a true, vetted agency will have many quality factors to indicate credibility, such as number of years in business, awards, and viable case studies.

Here are 14 ways to spot a bad SEO agency vs. 7 ways to spot a good one:

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