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top wordpress web development trends for 2024
WordPress 4 min read

Top WordPress Web Development Trends for 2024

Ready to take your WordPress website to the next level? Discover how these 2024 WordPress trends can…
Melissa Read

What are Wireframe Mockups?
Web Design 2 min read

Wireframes for Custom-Designed Wordpress Sites

Utilizing Wireframing to ensure a stand out website design is vital. But Wireframes can be confusing. Learn…
Melissa Read

What Are Breadcrumbs on websites
Search Engine Optimization 3 min read

What Are Breadcrumbs and Why Do They Matter for Your Website

What is a Website Breadcrumb? Breadcrumb is a common term used to describe the “trail” of how…
Melissa Read

How to make sure your law firm website is ADA compliant
Legal Marketing 5 min read

How to Ensure Your Law Firm Website is ADA Compliant

How can you make sure your law firm website is accessible to all, while also protecting yourself…
Melissa Read

Legal Marketing 3 min read

The Importance of Case Studies for Law Firm Websites

Are you looking for ways to differentiate your law firm website from competitors? TheeDigital believes case studies…
Melissa Read

ADA Compliance 5 min read

ADA Compliance Checklist for Websites

Have you heard or read horror stories of websites being sued for non-ADA compliance? Are you wondering…
Melissa Read