iPhone 5 Review & How Apple Maps Influence Local SEO

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Love it or hate it, there is no denying the buzz the iPhone 5 created among its legion of fans and hordes of detractors from the Android camp. While the iPhone 5 reviews have been spectacular for the most part, one feature in the forefront seems to have come up a bit short, that being the new Apple Maps.

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Good-bye Google Maps!

Google Maps is gone, no longer integrated into iOS for us to use. So why did Apple move away from something that worked? The answer is simple, to evolve. While this iteration is not perfect, it brings about some very useful features that Google Maps did not have on the iPhone including Siri integration, real-time traffic reports, navigation directions, and 3D mapping. From our perspective, it gives a great look at what this application will become over time; a serious competitor to Google once mighty Map dominance. If history has shown us anything, when Apple sets its mind to something, it typically creates something to delight the user. The SEO experts here at TheeDigital expect Apple Maps to do the same in short order.

Yelp is an Online Marketer’s Paradise.

Google Maps search queries were able to bring back a treasure trove of information which was based on Google’s search index. Apple’s Maps is now directly tied to Yelp.com. It may not be as robust, but consider the fact that Apple is now getting back information from crowd-sourcing, we should expect to see rapid improvements. Now that Apple has Yelp.com as the source for their local search results, things are going to be quite different for the SEO landscape. Yelp.com reviews are now no longer just something pulled into Google Places reviews. Have you (or your SEO folks) done a ton of work to generate positive reviews and comments on your Google Business listing? This is still important, just not for the 35 million iPhone faithful that will use Apple Maps. Apple has again shifted the paradigm and brought some revised rules and norms to the search table. Here is something to think about. Over 30% of all mobile users are on an Apple device. That is a huge community and one you cannot ignore. The Apple Maps application will squarely impact how your business gets found by iPhone users. If you have yet to do so, now is the time to set up your business on Yelp.com.
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