5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Whether B2B or B2C, here are 5 easy ways to prep your website for the two biggest shopping holidays of the year: Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

The biggest shopping days of the year are coming up: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Whether B2B or B2C, e-commerce or not, having some type of promotion or even just a quick social post can keep your company in the ring during this time.


Let’s talk about five easy things that you can do to prepare your website for these two big days.

1. Coupon code

One of the easiest ways to show your Black Friday or Cyber Monday spirit is to offer coupon codes and promotional offers on your website. These coupon codes could be something as simple as, “Enter BLCKFRI to get 10% your order,” or if your site does not have ecommerce capability set up, “Mention CYBRMON when you call, to receive a free gift with your service!”

2. Landing page

Create a landing page for your Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions that you can direct customers to via social media, email, and more. Try keeping the URL to something simple and making it easy for users to access.

Don’t be afraid to “make it pop” – add seasonal graphics or something to capture the user’s attention and make it clear that this page is specifically for promoting your Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal(s).

3. Grow your email list

Now is the perfect time to grow your list of subscribers! Users aren’t likely to give up their contact information without being offered something of equal or greater value in return. Your Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotion(s) can act as this “something of value” to users.

Ask people to sign up for your email list and offer these seasonal deals as the reason why. For example, “Sign up for our newsletter to receive Black Friday savings and other great deals!”

4. Email marketing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest times for email marketers. Why? Because it works.

Brace Yourself

From a simple and quick triggered email, to a more elaborate drip campaign, companies realize the importance of sending emails to support and drive traffic to their promotional landing pages.

5. Social media & other off-site promotions

The last quick win for preparing your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday involves social media and other off-site promotions. For instance, scheduling a round of social media posts to encourage shoppers to visit your site, or running a contest on Facebook for a chance to win some seasonal merch could be great opportunities.

Other than social media, if you have PPC, adding a campaign that is scheduled to run only around Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and points to your promotional landing page could be another off-site method to consider.


These are just 5 of the seemingly endless possibilities as to how you can incorporate Black Friday and Cyber Monday into your marketing strategy.

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