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WooCommerce Disaster Recovery

We’ll have your website back online after a crash, hack, or database malfunction.

WooCommerce Disaster Recovery Services

Protect Your Business with WooCommerce Disaster Recovery

We usually associate disasters with a brick-and-mortar store and know that while a fire, flood, or theft can happen, there’s preventative measures in place and insurance in worst case scenario. But what if the worst case scenario hits your ecommerce store and your website goes offline? This is just as much a disaster yet most business owners don’t have a plan in place.

With WooCommerce disaster recovery services from TheeDigital, we recover your website quickly with minimal downtime and little to no lost data so you can get your business back up and running fast.

Why You Need WooCommerce Disaster Recovery

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Prevent Lost Revenue

The sooner your website is back online and your data is recovered, the sooner your store is back to making sales. Minimal downtime equals minimal loss.

Retain Customers

Will your customers wait for you to rebuild a website or recover your data? The longer you’re down, the fewer customers you’ll have when you come back!

Increased Security

Viruses, malware, and ransomware can strike at any time. Knowing you can recover your store means you don’t have to lose data to hackers.

Keep Your Reviews

WIth disaster recovery, you’ll keep your reviews, ratings, and customer information instead of having to start over from scratch.

WooCommerce Disaster Recovery

What Is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery refers to restoring your website, files, databases, and IT infrastructure after a disaster strikes. Because WooCommerce is a cloud-based platform so your data and website can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, disasters aren’t fire and flood. Instead, we recover data in the event of the following:

  • Database is inadvertently deleted
  • Essential parts of code are deleted or compromised
  • Your store experiences a malware attack
  • Your website hosting service is hacked



Disaster Recovery for WooCommerce Websites

What to Do After a Security Disaster

Operating an ecommerce store means your website is your most valuable asset. Not only is it your source of revenue, it also holds your valuable data, including customer information and inventory details. While you try and keep your site secure, malware is becoming more advanced, and small to medium businesses are most at risk.

If a disaster occurs, our experienced team will deploy WooCommerce disaster recovery to restore your website quickly and minimize damage and loss. We’ve worked with numerous companies who have been the victims of an ecommerce site crash and know the importance of getting back up and running as soon as possible.

Protect Your Business with WooCommerce Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions have your store back up and running quickly and can also protect you from future problems. Call us at 919-341-8901 or fill our the form below to get started.

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