#WordPressWednesday Tips Every WP User Should Know

If you use WordPress, then you need to know these #WordPressWednesday tips and tricks to make updates quick and easy.

In the web design and internet marketing world, Wednesday is also known as #WordPressWednesday – a hashtag used on social media to denote user-friendly WordPress tips, tricks, and hacks.

WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful content management systems out there, allowing users to update their site (or blog) without the help of a developer or programmer. This gives users more control over their content, images, video, plugins, and everything else related to their site.

To help users improve their WordPress skills, our social media crew has been posting tips and tricks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #WordPressWednesday hashtag. Below are some of our favorite WordPress tips that users of all skill levels should know:

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Efficiency

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Security Updates to Keep WordPress Websites Safe

WordPress Updates & Security

Increased Internal Linking Opportunities in Author Bios

WordPress Author Bio Linking

Quick and Easy Linking in WordPress

WordPress Adding Internal Links

Improved WordPress SEO-Friendliness

WordPress Improve Website SEO

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