Why Major Media Companies Choose WordPress

Why do big name companies and brands continue to trust WordPress for their web design needs? We have some information to sort it all out!

WordPress is used by more than just bloggers and small-medium sized businesses. A variety of brands and businesses, including major media companies like The New Yorker and Reuters use this powerful content management system,

With so many other platforms do choose from, why do so many big-name companies continue to trust WordPress for their web design needs? As we take a closer look, you may be tempted to switch your platform if your site doesn’t use WordPress yet!

Why WordPress?

WordPress is very user-friendly, giving users the ability to update content, images and videos easily. Users can also search through a massive plugin library, adding additional functionality to improve user interaction and engagement. WordPress is mobile friendly, secure, and backed by a community dedicated to making WordPress even better.

The following infographic from WPEngine explains why major media companies continue to choose WordPress as their web design platform.

Major Media Companies Choose WordPress CMS
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