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Why Business Owners Need to Know SEO

SEO may still be a buzzword for many small business and mid-size business owners but it’s definitely an acronym that they need to add to their vocabulary if they want to survive on the internet.

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SEO may still be a buzz word for many small business and mid-size business owners but it’s definitely an acronym that many businesses need to add to their vocabulary if they want to survive on the internet. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to the practice of optimizing your website for better placement in search engines like Google. This helps you show up higher in the search engines when people search for a keyword.
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It’s important as a small business owner that you understand SEO and what exactly it means. According to recent studies 81% of North America has access to the internet and this percentage is continuing to grow. Soon 100% of people on this continent will have internet access and that means hundreds and thousands of people will have the ability to view your products and services and you don’t want to miss out on them.

SEO and Your Business

With internet adoption growing at an alarming rate and retail sales continuing to slow, it’s important that every business owner understands SEO and how the internet is changing business today. Google alone sees 12 billion internet queries performed every month and if your website is not positioned correctly you could be losing out on hundreds if not thousands of potential customers and clients seeing your website. 33% of those views click on the number one spot, do you really want to lose that much potential money? It’s no longer an if but when will you learn SEO. It’s important though that you understand that SEO is more than just manipulating the search engines. It includes:
  • Understanding keyword data and how to interpret it.
  • Understanding how to implement markup languages on your website.
  • Understanding fresh content and its role in the search pages.
  • Understanding the structure of your website and how to get the most out of it.
  • Understanding how links work and the best practices of how to get them.
SEO can look like a daunting beast from 100 miles up, but when you get closer and with help of a Raleigh SEO consultant, it can slowly be turned into just another part of your marketing mix.
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