What Is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It's an application designed to store, format, reproduce and manage website or intranet data. The great thing about CMS is that users do not need to have web design or HTML knowledge in order to create or update web pages.

Content Management System or CMS can be easily defined as a simple process used to manage the content on pages of a website. As we know, quality content is paramount to the success of your website and many times you have to wait for your “internet guy” to make your changes… most of the time on their schedule! The beauty of a quality CMS is that very little HTML or programming knowledge is needed to update your site. You have the ability to change your site on your schedule – not your programmer’s!

The freedom of making changes on your own is just the beginning. A good CMS offers the following:

  • Multiple team members can post, edit or manage the content at one with their unique user names
  • You have the ability to work from anywhere, so you can make changes to your site at any time or any place
  • Upload images and audio to give added personality to your website
  • Reduce site management costs – no more paying your internet guy for site updates
  • Quality CMS systems are secured with a password so your content is safe

These are just some of the benefits as CMS can help to improve sales, increase user satisfaction, or assist in communicating with the public. TheeDigital offers the latest Content Management Systems at affordable prices.

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