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Writing Content That People Actually Want to Read

Wow your readers with engaging and easy-to-read content after you try these content marketing tips.

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Don’t you hate reading an article that’s nothing but paragraph after paragraph of text, with no images or headers to break up the content? Website visitors hate this too — and will most likely leave a website if they can’t easily find the information they are looking for. In a world where time is money, you have to be able to convince your visitors WHY they should invest their time into reading your content. So how do you prove to your audience that your material is worth reading in just a matter of seconds? Below are a few tips that you can use to create must-read worthy content.
Raleigh Content Marketing Tips

Formatting Your Content for Easy Reading

  • Make the text on your site short and easy to read. When paragraphs are too long, you’ll lose your audience – and they’ll miss out on important tips and information. Use lists and bullet points so readers can scan your article, picking out the tidbits that they want and leaving the rest.
  • Use images or graphics that stand out! Images can help break up the content and add flavor to your message. Unique, interesting images attract the eye and spark curiosity, bringing more readers to your content.
  • Structure your content appropriately for each platform. Don’t just copy and paste the same verbiage on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use each platform as an opportunity to talk to your readers, using language and invite them to your blog to read the full article.
  • Make your message unique. Consumers engage on social media and share articles from companies that deliver interesting and custom content. Don’t just rewrite something that has already been written. Take a different approach to the topic to make your message stand out, instead of blending in with the crowd.
  • Target emotions, but don’t overwhelm your readers. Information that has an emotional appeal can often give consumers a reason to choose you over the competitive. Just don’t make your audience feel like they are being manipulated.
Though people are busy, effective website content can turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors for your company. Your viewers will associate your brand as being credible. So stop boring your readers and show them why your content is worth their time.
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Richard Horvath is the founder of TheeDigital, a Raleigh based award-winning web design and digital marketing agency. He is proud of his team and the results that they provide to their clients.

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