The Color Differences Between Men and Women [Infographic]

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While the rules of color have never been set in stone, scientific studies continue to show that men and women have differing opinions when it comes to masculine and feminine colors choices. Kissmetric recently put together an infographic explaining the various ways men and women process color. Using data from various studies, their visual shows favorite color choices, least favorite colors, the impact of color names, and more. Key highlights are:
  • 57% of men and 35% of women said their most favorite color is blue.
  • 27% of men said their least favorite color is brown, while 33% of women said their least favorite color is orange.
  • 26% of all participants said they considered orange to be a “cheap” color.
  • Women gravitate towards soft colors, while men tend to like bright colors.
  • Men prefer simple color names like purple, whereas women use specific color names like plum, eggplant, grape, and orchid to describe the different shades.
View the infographic below to learn more about the color differences between men and women.
Colors Differences By Gender
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