Oreo and the Tweet that Intercepted the Super Bowl

Social media marketing is growing bigger and bigger every year, and this year’s Super Bowl blackout showed just how relevant this new wave of marketing has become.

Social media marketing is growing bigger and bigger every year, and this year’s Super Bowl blackout showed just how relevant this new wave of marketing has become.

Oreo Twitter Campaign

If you watched the news the day after the Super Bowl, you might have been surprised to find that more people were talking about the commercials that showed up on the internet than on the TV. Oreo’s ad in particular caught everyone’s attention during the black out. By simply tweeting out a picture during the blackout with the words, “You can Still Dunk in the Dark”, they were able to steal the show for many people.

With the tweet Oreo took the offensive, instead of the defensive route with their social media. By joining the conversation, @Oreo was able to be seen as the cool guy in the room instead of the quiet guy in the corner, something that we can all do from internet marketers to carpet cleaning specialists.

For the last few years, too many people have used social media as a customer service platform, instead of a platform used to engage their clients. At it’s core social media is often described as a cocktail party, an event where everyone can communicate with each other. The core point of this reference though, is that no one wants to contact with the sales guy at the cocktail party, if you are only talking about yourself and trying to push your product you will fail at this event.

You don’t need to be a national brand either, to be able to give your customers a good social media experience. Look at Appalachian State University, a college located in Boone, NC. They use their Twitter account @Appstate to not just to share news of Appalachian State but of the local Boone community and even sometimes the weather. They understand that their twitter feed is more than just a one-way street, so they want to make sure that their followers get the most of their twitter account, so they tweet about things that are happening to their audience not just things that are happening at Appalachian State.

Oreo understood this and realized that they needed to join the conversation, it’s what led them to having one tweet that was retweeted 15,000 times since the Super Bowl. But what’s holding you back? It’s time to stop playing defensive with social media and start getting on the offensive.

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