Labor Day Marketing Tips for Retailers

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Labor Day weekend signifies the end of the summer and for retailers the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Many stores use Labor Day weekend to push back-to-school items, fall decorations, or marked down summer merchandise. No matter what sale you’re having this Labor Day, it’s important to let your customers know so they can either shop with you online or in person.
Labor Day Marketing Tips
Here are some marketing tips to help both e-commerce and brick and mortar retailers spread the word about their Labor Day discounts and specials.

Labor Day Marketing Tips for Retailers

  1. Send Out an Email Newsletter: If you’re offering some kind of special sale or discount this Labor Day, it’s important to share that information with your customers. Send out an email newsletter describing the sale to help drum up business. This can also let customers know that you’re going to be open on Labor Day and they can come in to your store and shop (if you have a physical store, not just online.)
  2. Promote on Social Media: Some customers may not be on your email newsletter list, but they follow you on social media. Take some time to draft up several Labor Day-related posts to share before your sale starts. This will give your customers plenty of time to make plans to shop with you. You could also use promoted posts on Facebook to help you reach a wider audience.
  3. Update Your Website: Update your website to include information about your Labor Day specials. This includes updating the homepage, call to actions, and ensuring the Labor Day discount codes are working on your site. When your guests first arrive on your website, it should be obvious that you want them to check out your Labor Day specials – especially if they’re coming from your email newsletter or social media.
  4. Stay Open! If you have a physical store, stay open on Labor Day. Many businesses close on Labor Day, however people nowadays look for places to shop that Monday. Keep the shop open and invite your customers in for a fun day of shopping. You could also have snacks and beverages available to drive traffic!
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