International Social Media Day!

Today is International Social Media Day! 90% of Americans participate in social media everyday, so on this holiday, consider whether or not you are using social media to help your business and build your brand.

Today, friends, is (trumpets, please) International Social Media Day!
(OK, kill the trumpets…).

International Social Media Day 2011

And you thought today’s agenda was simply killing the clock ’till the long 4th of July weekend, eh? Au contraire, mon frère…

International Social Media Day (brought to us by the folks at is both an opportunity to pause, look around, and once again allow the realization of how drastically the way human beings connect has changed in a very short period of time wash over you, as well as to re-assess how your business is employing this technology to spread the good word of, well, you.

What’s that you say? You have yet to pass “Go”?

As I am not the type to scold, I will refrain from doing so. After all, even if you are still mired in analog-land, you are aware of the impact that utilizing social media can have on a business. Right? Right.

So let’s see: Major League Baseball will be celebrating the event (Go Yankees). London will be marking the occasion by unleashing the world’s largest planking flash mob (No comment). And in Amsterdam they, well, they’re doing what they do in Amsterdam…

But how are you marking the occasion? Perhaps by giving your friends at TheeDigital a call to have a chat about what you – and your business – are missing out on? A great idea, that!

So, enjoy your holiday weekend, enjoy International Social Media Day and…