I Know a Guy… My Neighbor Is a Web Designer

Would you ask your neighbor to run your business or setup your annual marketing plan? Why would you let them develop your website, your ultimate, online marketing tool?

As Sales Manager here at TheeDigital, this is the 21st century equivalent to nails on a chalkboard (Note: That actually never really bothered me, and I never understood why everybody hates it… But it makes my point for me, so let’s just go with it…)

At least once every couple of months, I sit across the table from someone who is launching a new business. They are amped up. They are very, very excited. They can’t wait to talk about their new website!

So, we sit and we talk about how TheeDigital has, since 2004, provided local and national businesses with the most vital marketing tool they will have in their arsenal: a top-flight, business-class marketing-oriented website. We talk about how all of their other marketing efforts will orbit around their new website. About how their new website is their public face and, very often, their introduction to the consumer public at-large.

In other words, it’s a big deal.

They understand (they say).

Then, a couple of days later we find ourselves on the phone again.

“Well, I really appreciate all the valuable information – you really opened my eyes on some things I hadn’t even considered. And your proposal was thorough and attentive; you clearly listened to what I had to say. I appreciate that…”

“But, see, I know a guy…”

Now, this is far from representing the majority of folks I meet with. But, as I said, every couple of months I have to curl my toes as I search for the most professional way to respond to such, um… well, let’s go with “short sighted-ness.”

So, you’ve secured financing for your new venture; you believe in your idea; you are POSITIVE that your vision is a solid one; you just know that this venture will be your life’s work; you are not playing this time…

Aaaaaaand you have just decided that the best way to establish your business’ (vital!) online presence is with your girlfriend’s boyfriend’s friend – who, you know, told you he studied “computers” in college and can do it for you “cheap”.

Hey, it’s your business…

But if you are serious about your new business, define what is vital to its success and then partner with a professional firm to address them. Legal; Fiscal; Marketing, etc. These are the “we’re not fooling around here” areas. And you should not trust them to “a guy…”

Or, maybe your girlfriend’s boyfriend’s friend also took some law classes a while back…

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