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How to Get Repeat Visitors to Your Site?

Gaining significant web traffic is difficult enough, so how do you keep visitors coming back? Here are some key tips on how to gain repeat visitors for your website.

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Bringing in repeated visitors to your site may be a difficult task, but it would be worth it in the long run to have an audience engaging with your site on a regular basis. It’s important to get repeat visitors because with new innovations in search technology, such as personalized search features in Google and the Remarketing feature in AdWords, more search results and ads are displaying to users who have frequented the site before. By making your site a place visitors bookmark or visit on a repeat basis, you can help ensure that your site will come up in search results and you can increase your ROI by targeting customers who show interest in your site. Further, you can be sure that the content you are producing is relevant, valuable and useful to your audience.

Here are some tips on how to draw repeat traffic to your site.

Update Your Site Regularly

Keeping fresh content on your website is a great way to not only improve your on-site SEO, but provide a reason for visitors to return. A blog and/or forum is a great way to do this. A blog allows you to create new pages of useful content that engage readers on a frequent basis.

Provide Free Resources

Free online tools or resources are a good way to get visitors to bookmark your site. Some tools, like a research tool, site analyzer, game, or interactive widget may be expensive to develop, but may draw in traffic and dedicated users. A less expensive option is to provide free downloadable white papers on your areas of expertise. Offering free useful information will provide an incentive to visitors to come back and will also give you the opportunity to display your knowledge and proficiency in your industry.

Add Authority to Your Site

Consider the sites you frequent on a daily basis and what they all have in common? Chances are social media networks, news sites, blogs that interest you and sites that provide you accurate, relevant information are all at the top of the list. All of these sites offer a wealth of credible information on a specific area of interest. If you focus the content on your site to a particular niche and put forth effort to only contribute reliable and credible information, your site will begin to earn authority online. By creating a site that visitors can rely on for trustworthy information, you are more likely to earn bookmarks from regular visitors.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with customers who have visited your site before. Use the email newsletters as a way to boost return visitors by providing helpful information and links to more resources on your site. Not only are you targeting people who have shown interest in your site before, but you are building brand awareness in an interactive and engaging way.

Personalize Your Content

Letting your personality show through your website is a good thing. No one likes to read boring, dry articles, so personable and approachable verbiage is encouraged. Don’t be afraid to use humor, personal anecdotes, or other casual content in your website or blog. When people can get to know your personality, they will come back for not only content, but social reasons.

Promote Your Site

Use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your site to your audience. Social networking is becoming more and more vital, and your web presence shouldn’t be limited to your website. Social networking provides an opportunity to casually connect and engage in conversation with your audience.

Return visitors, although sometimes difficult to get, are a precious commodity in the internet marketing world. If your company is having a difficult time drawing traffic and repeat visitors to your site, contact the internet marketing strategists at TheeDigital. Call us at 919-341-8901, or fill out our contact form to get started.

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