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How to Battle the New Google

Richard Horvath
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If you use Google regularly you might of noticed something different over the last few months.  Google now has more ads than ever showing up and as an online marketer this is a huge cause for concern.
Raleigh Marketing Specialists for Google Updates
More ads on the first page means that the first page which used to regularly show 10 search results, are now often showing 7 search results and even sometimes only 4 search results. This is a problem for many businesses that have used the first page results to survive.   No longer, will being the fifth or sixth result suffice, in a world where only four results show up being on the first page is essential. If you’re a business owner though, there are still a few tricks that you can implement to make sure that you end up on the first page:
  1. If you’re a local business, claim your Google listing immediately.  I know that this is something we hark on in almost every post, but being in Google’s local listings will help any business dramatically show up on the first page.
  2. Create content.  The more pages you have, the better chance you have of showing up in Google’s search results for related keywords.
  3. Create pictures and photos.  One of the many things that are pushing the search rankings down are pictures and videos.  Use this advantage and create a variety of pictures and videos in your web strategy.
  4. Become an authority.  Google is now showing related people in popular searches.  If you become an authority in your field, there is a chance that you might show up on the right sidebar.
  5. Of course you can pay for Adwords and join everyone else.   This something of a hit or miss but Google is making us use Google Adwords, so you might as well start now.  Managing an Adwords account can be difficult and not something that we suggest everyone do.
These are just a few of the tricks that you can implement to help beat the new changes that Google is currently going through.
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Richard Horvath

Richard Horvath is the founder of TheeDigital, a Raleigh based award-winning web design and digital marketing agency. He is proud of his team and the results that they provide to their clients.

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