How Do Search Engines Work?

To successfully optimize your site for Search Engines, you have to know how they work. Here is the behind the scenes look at how Google gets results.

It’s amazing how far web search has come in the past decade, and how it has changed the way our society seeks information. As often as we use search, we hardly ever consider the process behind it. We get millions of results in a split second without even thinking twice.

The first thing to know is that when we perform a search, we aren’t actually searching the internet; we are searching the engine’s index of pages on the internet. Google is the largest search engine with over a trillion pages in its index.

Pages are indexed by software programs called spiders. Spiders crawl the web, following links on pages and logging the pages they point to. Then they continue by following the links on those pages, logging those, and so on, until they have an index of over a trillion pages in the search engine.

So, when you go to search for a certain set of keywords, Google’s software searches every indexed page for those words, returning the most relevant results first, based on many different things, such as how many times the keyword shows up in the page, where the keywords are within the text, where the website is from, and the page rank of the website. Page Rank is a patented algorithm invented by Google’s founders, which rates a webpage based on the number and quality of outside links that point to that site. After you search, all of these things are combined to return results that are most relevant to what you are looking for, hence millions of results in half of a second.

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