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Google AdWords Express Simplifies Paid Online Advertising

Today, Google officially introducing AdWords Express, a faster and simpler way to start advertising online in under five minutes.

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For many small business owners, online marketing can be confusing; AdWords, SEM, PPC, CPC, CPM… what does it all mean. Well Google has come up with a solution to simplify the process: Google AdWords Express.
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What Is Google AdWords Express?

AdWords Express is a form of pay-per-click advertising where your ad is only shown to people searching for your products and/or services. The process is simple; it only takes minutes to set up an ad and everything is managed for you. It’s the easiest form of advertising on Google.

How Google AdWords Express Works?

Once your add is set up it is only shown to those searching for your particular niche and shows up above or to the right of their search results. A distinctive BLUE pin shows your map location and stands out from your competitors.

Who Is Google AdWords Express For?

Google AdWords Express is perfect for small business owners who wants to utilize pay-per-click advertising to generate more local leads and customers but doesn’t want to take the time to have to manage the ads.

Where to Start with Google AdWords Express?

First, add your business to Google Places. Choose a category, and add a title and text that is keyword rich, set the URL for the page you want people to see when they click the add, then set you budget and you are done. Here’s how it looks:
AdWords Express
Once done with that, you’re provided with a visual of how the ad will look:
AdWords Express

How Do You Pay for Google Adwords Express?

With AdWords Express – like AdWords – you pay only when someone successfully clicks on your add. You set the budget for the month, which won’t be exceeded. Google automatically the estimates the number of people that might click your ad and offers some suggested budget amounts. (see chart above)

Final Tips

  • Do some keyword research to make sure you’ve selected words and phrases that people are actually searching. Google keyword tool is an excellent FREE too for this purpose. Make sure you are logged into your AdWords account to be able to see ALL the search results. (If you don’t have an AdWords account, it’s free to set up.)
  • Make sure you use proper English grammar; proper capitalization and punctuation, no abbreviations or slang, no profanity or off color language. Any of these things can get your ad banned.
  • Make a bold offer, discount or provide info people have to have and then fulfill that offer on the page you redirect them to.
  • Make sure your redirect page has a way to capture the names and emails of the people clicking the ad to save for future marketing purposes.
Well that should get you started for now. Here’s to YOUR successful ad campaign!
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Of course, if you need help setting up your online ad campaign we at TheeDigital can certainly provide you professional assistance. Call 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation with one of our internet marketing experts to get started.

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