Even Fortune 500 Businesses Choose Custom WordPress Blog Design

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One simple way to sustain new, good quality content that adds value to your website is blogging. In this digital age, one has many choices of what to use for their blogging software. At TheeDigital, our Raleigh internet marketing team prefers WordPress as their blogging software of choice. Currently, WordPress is the most widely used blogging software around, powering more than 60 million websites worldwide. They are well supported, work well with search engines, and offer a plethora of plug-ins, widgets and themes. Don’t want to just take the word of our local website design agency? Here’s just a few national retailers who use WordPress as their blogging software of choice. (We bet you’ve heard of them!)

Blog of Best Buy Runs on WordPress

WordPress Website Development for a Large Electronics Store
As the United States’ largest specialty retailer of consumer electronics, Best Buy uses WordPress MU for 1,050 local store blogs, as well as their blog for their mobile site.

Blog of eBay Runs on WordPress

WordPress Development for Large Retailers
eBay not only uses the WordPress content management system for their multi-billion dollar online auction and shopping website, but powers their blog by WP, too.

Blog of Samsung Runs on WordPress

WordPress Development For Fortune 500 Retailer
Multinational conglomerate company Samsung chooses WordPress as their blogging software of choice for all their latest news on products and events.

Blog of Xerox Runs on WordPress

WordPress Development for An Ecommerce Website
Xerox, a multinational document corporation, shares their professional and personal experiences, insights from their areas of expertise, and other miscellaneous topics on their WordPress powered blog.

Other Fortune 500 Businesses with a WordPress Blog

Retailers aren’t the only Fortune 500 businesses who use WordPress to power their blog. Ever heard of UPS? GM? PlayStation? Ford? VW? GE? Pepsi? Yeah, we thought so.
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