5 Easy Digital Marketing Hacks for Business Owners

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It seems these days that small business owners have so much to do that they don’t have the time to spend on even the simplest digital marketing activities for their own company. Most business owners consider allocating time for this task but feel overwhelmed because they are not sure what to do or the best way to do it. Should they add more to their website? How about social media? The simplest answer is that there is value in almost anything you do when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, whether it is a short-term return or long term.

Content is Always a Good Answer

Company websites are often neglected because the idea of sitting down and writing about your business or industry may not excite you or you believe that you do not have the writing skills. Let’s look at a few ideas to help you get over this hurdle.

Add an FAQ Page to Your Site

This is a quick and easy way to get very relevant content on your site that is useful to your customers and will be beneficial to Google. Customers probably have sent you questions or requests for clarification. This information is almost readymade to copy and paste right onto that page. As you are thinking about these questions, think about your experience of what people have asked you before and add in a few lines to those as well. In very short order, you’ll probably have a full page.

Use a Transcription App

Sometimes you know you will be getting on a call to discuss a project or to answer some technical questions. Use your computer or tablet and while you are talking on the phone, have it transcribe as you are talking. You are not trying to record your client, this is just an easy way to get a lot of your knowledge down in writing. On the same line of thinking, do you remember those earbuds that came with your phone? Plug them in and while you are driving, start talking out loud about your industry on such topics as:
  • Your process,
  • What makes you different from the competition,
  • The brands that you use, or
  • Why you only use these certain brands.
Some people can’t sit down and write 300 words but many of us can talk up a storm. As an added recommendation, you may even want to find an inexpensive copy editor if you feel that this content is not suitable for the masses. Fiverr and Craigslist have plenty of people that will do this for very little money.

Images and Video From Your Cell Phone

With the prevalence of smartphones these days, everyone is nearly a professional photographer. You can turn the technology in the palm of your hand quickly into great content for your website and social media feeds.

Capture Images in Everyday Work

No, you are probably not a professional photographer. But, you probably see exactly what potential clients want to see about your business. Use that cell phone to capture everything you see for two days straight and sort through them later. Images are useful and easy to upload to your website, Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, GlassDoor, and more. Capture not only industry-related photos but moments around the office. Potential employees look at these images, too.

Take Videos During the Day

Video is extremely underutilized in every industry. You may see what it looks like to clean a dryer vent, but the general public never has – leverage that video into more views and brand awareness. Believe it or not, these can be impactful, even thirty seconds worth. Digital Marketing Videos Upload them to YouTube. Since most websites now make it easy, embed that YouTube video on your website. Upload it to Facebook. If you are unloading a six-foot tall tire off of a flatbed truck, lots of people will watch that. Especially if it’s not more than a simple click on your site. Even if the quality is not exactly perfect, the public is forgiving to a point and it will not degrade your brand. Try it out for a week.

Answer Industry Questions Online

Do you have any idea how many people ask questions within forums online? Reddit, Quora, hobby communities, and others specialize just in answering questions. Even something as easy as searching Twitter can be a great place to answer questions, bring attention to your brand, and maybe even link back to your website. Q&A for Marketing Even as simple a question as the one above can be found in seconds. Answering these questions can help build links to your site, build your credibility in your industry online, and help promote your site and your company.

Utilize Others To Embrace Their Passions

You’d be Surprised What Employees Want to Do  I generally find that when I want to get something done, I get someone else to do it for me. You have a workforce of people with skills you didn’t even realize. Sometimes they are looking to do something just a little different for a change. Offer them four hours to go around the office and get pictures of people at work. Some of them may even have drones for aerial footage that they’d be happy to do instead of a delivery. When things are slow around your office, this is the perfect time to utilize people that would be genuinely interested in trying different things and maybe even get a little bit creative for you. You never know till you ask.

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