Content Marketing, A New Part of the SEO Mix

"Content marketing" is more than just another buzzword. Our internet marketing team takes a look at how content marketing can be used as an effective piece to your SEO strategy. How does content help SEO?

Content marketing is more than just another internet marketing buzzword. It’s a marketing strategy your company should be implementing across its entire brand.

Raleigh Content Marketing

Understanding Content Marketing

Many companies try to execute content marketing, but very few are able to get it right. Content marketing is a marketing strategy of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract or acquire customers. This is an ongoing process that is intertwined with your entire marketing strategy and focuses on owning media, instead of renting it.

Content marketing is a lead generation tool for many companies, and a great way to increase brand awareness.

Content Marketing: Part of the SEO Mix

A good content marketing campaign can affect every part of your business. It can not only help tell your story, but it can help you gain links online that you need to help your business rank. By creating quality content that everyone wants to link to, you can easily drive traffic and grow your business, increasing your position in the search engines.

Content that creates quality links is important. 10 years ago it was easy to build links to your website. However links are no longer created equal, and the harder to get, quality links cannot be built without quality content. This includes getting backlinks from websites such as,, and They won’t link to you without quality content and this is where content marketing comes into play. By creating something that they want to link too, you can create a quality backlink that will help your website rank in the SERPs.

Getting Started with Content Marketing

Content marketing is easier today than ever before. Thanks to today’s technology, snapping a picture or recording a podcast can be done by just about everyone.

3 Steps for Creating a Content Marketing Plan

Try following these 3 steps to help you create a content marketing plan for your business:

  1. Review your assets and see what resources are available.
  2. Find out what kind of content your audience consumes.
  3. Set realistic expectations based on your business.

Content marketing is just half of the process, though. The context is just as important as the content. Remember, content marketing is more than just marketing — it’s the story of your brand in an easy to understand and shared format.

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