Being a Superhero in Your Business – #3 Networking and Social Media

As a business owner, after you craft your mission statement and what products you will be selling, it’s important that you start reaching out to your target market -- social media is a great way to do this. After all, what is a superhero without his friends?

Part 3: Networking & Social Media

Being a business owner is hard in today’s world, but being a networker is even harder. After you craft your mission statement and finalize what products you will be selling, it’s important that you start reaching out to your target market — Social media is a great way to do this. After all, what is a superhero without his friends?

Super Business Series - Social Media and Networking

Having a website is great, but if you’re a new business and aren’t ranking in the search engines, it’s important that you network and spread the word to drive traffic.

How to Network Like a Superhero

In-person Networking

As a team of Raleigh internet marketing specialists, we understand it’s important to target the events that are important you. Here in the Triangle there are a variety of networking events depending on what your interests are. You can often find networking events on,, and even your local entertainment newspapers.

Best Practices for Networking at Events:

Once you have chosen the events that you want to go to, always have your business cards handy and ready to exchange. If you show up early, you can often get a head start and network with the other early birds.

Sit beside people you want to meet. Conduct basic research on key people you’re interested in meeting. Many events list the names of attendees on the website.

During the event, listen and interact. After the presentation, be comfortable — walk up to people you don’t know, greet them, and shake their hands. Never forget to smile and nod, and maintain eye contact (that will earn you major points, even if you’re not listening!).

The post-event follow-up is just as important. Don’t forget to connect with the people you met on LinkedIn! We suggest waiting 24-48 hrs before you add someone (you don’t want to seem too “needy”). Follow up with a conversation that’s relevant to their skills, or whatever you have to follow. Remember: Ask what you can do, not what you can sell.

Networking on Social Media

Networking in live events is great, but it’s important that you know how to understand how to network using social media. No matter if you are using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+ it’s important that you understand how the networking etiquette using the platform. Each platform has its best networking capabilities, but you might want to stay away from using Facebook as it’s considered a closed network.

Raleigh Marketers

Social media offers great opportunities to network. If you’re a Twitter User Moz’s FollowerWonk is a great tool for to use to find people who are relevant to you and your audience. If you don’t have the capabilities in mind, that’s fine. Find people in your space and find out who they are talking too.

Most importantly, don’t forget to engage. Engage with your audience and engage with people who you want to know.

Are you using social media as an effective networking channel? Let TheeDigital’s social media marketing team help turn your social presence into a lead generation tool. Schedule a consultation or call 919-341-8901 today.


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