A Great Night for SEO Geeks

Our last SEO meet-up was a chance to mingle with others... and to say thank you.

For a couple years now we have been attending the “SEO – What You Need to Know” MeetUp Group, which takes place at different locations around the Triangle. Each month a new topic is discussed, handouts are distributed and members offer suggestions and ideas.

The informative and entertaining group is headed up by Ashley Berman Hale – owner of SEO consulting firm SixTurnSeven – who offers her time and knowledge to help others understand the basics of SEO.

On Tuesday night we gathered for our July meeting. However, there were no handouts or note taking, instead it was a good, old-fashioned networking event. It was a great opportunity for individuals who enjoy the intricacies of to talk shop and to learn more about the people we hang out with once a month. But it was more than that, it was a chance to say thank you.

You see, Ashley is pregnant and will be out of the loop for a while, so it was an opportunity for the group to show our gratitude. As a token of appreciation, she was presented with a Kids-R-Us gift card to help cover some of the many expenses that are associated with a newborn baby.

Our fearless leader will be missed, but we’re in good hands as her knowledgeable assistant Phil Buckley will take the reigns in her absence. As the owner of 1918 – a Raleigh-based internet marketing company – he provides valuable insight combined with a little bit of humor when discussing the finer points of SEO.

Tuesday was a great night. It was a chance to mingle with folks that have similar interests, but better yet, it was an opportunity to say thank you to an individual who offers so much, and asks for nothing in return.

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