5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

More popular than Tickle Me Elmo, Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing application used by millions of people around the world.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? In business terms, yes!

More popular than Tickle Me Elmo, Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing application used by millions of people around the world.

Raleigh Instagram Marketers

Instagram for business? Yes! Instagram is fun for everyone: friends, family, sports teams, clubs, etc. And with its growing popularity, more businesses are using it as a powerful internet marketing tool, and they’re getting creative. Internet marketing is an important concept for any successful business and this concept goes from behind the computer screen to in the hands of the mobile community.

1. Show Your Stuff

Showcase your best selling items or brag about your accomplishments. Show and remind your loyal customers or clients what it is they love about you. Let them browse, make their wish lists or see what they want from you next.

2. Make it Personal

Instagram is a great outlet for creativity. It captures moments, tells stories, and sends influential messages through the filtered photography of its users. Whole Foods does a great job at this.

Whole Foods Instagram Profile

Introduce your employees or share a photo from the weekend. Post a picture of an employee’s quirky cat, wedding or their over the top holiday decorations. Show your followers the real you because everyone enjoys feeling like they can relate.

3. Go Behind the Scenes

Take a photo of the boss hard at work or showcase how something is done or made. Have a photo depicting the hard work that goes into the quality products or services you produce.

4. Give a Little Preview

Give your fans a sneak peek of things to come. Show new products and advertise upcoming promotions or special events. Engage them with a giveaway and entice them with something to look forward to.

5. Be Trendy

While original content is what gives your business identity, sometimes it is beneficial to join the bandwagon. See what’s trending and post something relevant with your own spin on it. Is it basketball season? Post employee photos representing their favorite team. Is the mustache trend still popular? Slap on a fake one, grin and bear it. Overall, have fun with this one and show that you know what’s “in.”

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