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12 Social Media Features You Aren’t Using, But Should

Our team of social media marketing pros share 12 social features your business could be taking advantage of today.

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With so many social media networks, it’s hard to keep up with all of them and some of the more advanced features of many of them. Our social media marketing team share 12 of their top Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube features that you can take advantage of today.

Social Media Features You Should Be Using

The Ever-changing Social Media Landscape

Social media platforms are continuously changing and improving. Just recently, LinkedIn announced a partnership with Evernote that allows you to take pictures of a business card and then find the contact on LinkedIn. Twitter also recently announced a new mute feature for customers. There are tons of features just like these hidden away in all of our favorite social media applications. Here are a few of our favorites for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube:

Facebook Features

  1. Mark Life Events on Your Timeline. Got a new job? Got married? Facebook allows you to add lifetime past lifetime events to both your personal and business page.
  2. Message the Owners of a Page. Have a complaint about a particular Facebook page? Hidden away in the gear button beside the follow button is the ability to message business pages Owners.
  3. Facebook Search. Looking for a local pizza place or electrician? Take a look at Facebook’s graph search. Facebook’s graph search works the same way as your favorite search engines, simply use Facebook’s search bar to search for what you want. It’s important to note that this does not work for all industries and only works for companies that have created Facebook pages.

Google+ Good-to-Knows

  1. Google+ Auto Awesome photos. A new featured called “Auto Awesome,” Google+ allows you to add a variety of effects to all of your photos including falling snow, removing objects, and creating short animations. To learn more about what qualifies for an auto awesome picture visit Google’s Support page.
  2. Google Hangouts: Lower Third. Letting everyone know who you are on Google Hangouts is now possible. By accessing the hangout tool-box, in Google Hangouts, you will see a “lower-third” option that will allow you to create a title bar that everyone can see.
  3. Format Your Posts. Google allows you to format your posts using, various bold, strike-through, and italics. *bold*, _Italics_, and -strikethrough-, are just a few of the formatting options that are available.

LinkedIn Lessons

  1. Update Your Title. You may have noticed that many people on LinkedIn have custom titles, instead of just their boring job titles. By simply creating on the pencil, next to your title you can change it to whatever you want.
  2. Send Messages to People You’re Not Connected Too. LinkedIn won’t allow you messages to people who are 2nd or 3rd degree connections, however it will allow you to send messages to people who are in the same group as you. Simply join a group that contains a person you’re interested in meeting and reach out to the person in the group.
  3. Customize Your Profile. LinkedIn allows you the option to customize your interface/profile however you want to. Each block is drag and droppable, and can be customized to meet all of your needs. Simply click the “Edit Profile” button in LinkedIn, click and hold the desired block, and drag to re-position it.

YouTube Tricks

  1. Use Your Keyboard to Control YouTube. By clicking on a video while you’re watching it, it pauses the video but did you know it also gives you the ability to control the video with your keyboard. Use your arrow keys tor rewind or fast forward, and continuously hold the space bar to watch the video in slow motion.
  2. Grab a Video URL. By simply right clicking on the video you are watching (or CTRL+click on a Mac) you can easily get the URL of your favorite video. Bonus points: You can also copy the URL and send people to certain time periods by using this feature, as well.
  3. Turn Off Related Videos. Simply add “?rel=0” at the end of the video URL to prevent any related videos from showing up at the end. Example:

Turn Social Media Into a Valuable Business Tool

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