Where to Find Inspiration for Your Blog

Blogs serve as an outlet to writers from around the world, from me to you, and are getting used more every day from companies big and small. Some companies however are still saying that they have issued finding things to talk about, when there’s blog content all around them but often times companies say that their products are too boring and they have nothing to write about.

Blogs serve as an outlet to writers and companies around the world, and serve as the central news hub for companies both big and small.  The Raleigh internet marketers at TheeDigital consider blogging a core SEO strategy and something that should be implemented on almost every website.

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We often get asked though, what happens if our product or service is boring?  Well it’s important to know that no content is boring.  If your content is boring so is your product.

Content for your blog is everywhere, and with a little help you can turn your once boring blog into a central news hub.

  • Set up  Google Alerts. Google Alerts is a free and easy way to get custom alerts for specific keywords as soon as they hit Google. Find out what people throughout the world are saying about your products and services, as soon as they go live on the internet..
  • Check out the reviews. See what people are saying about your company and products on your customer reviews. Don’t offer reviews on your site? Then visit the review site that’s relevant to your niche be it Foursquare, Google Reviews, UrbanSpoon, or even Glass Door.
  • Follow the relevant news sources to your product. If you’re a restaurant site, visit the blogs of common cooks daily and find out what they are talking about.
  • Search the Q&A sites. Q&A sites such as Quora, LinkedIn Answers, and Yahoo Answers are still used everyday.  Find out the questions people are asking on these social networks and answer them on your blog.
  • Listen to your audience on social media. Often times pulling away from your daily social media channels and just listening to the things that people are saying can be a vital clue for a brand.
  • Use SEO tools such as Google Adwords to find out what keywords people are using to visit your site.  These tools will show you similar terms and words that people are using when they visit your site, and might give you some content creating ideas.
  • Visit your competitors. What are they talking about and/or doing? Stealing is the greatest form of flattery.  See what they’re talking about on their blog and see if there’s anything that you can do bigger and better.
  • Lastly just ask customer service. No matter if you’re a one person shop or a 500 person company, someone in your company will have the job of answering customer related questions. Find this person in your organization and find out what questions your organization gets asked every day and see if you can answer them on your blog.

Does your blog need help?

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