10 Productivity Apps You Should Be Using Today

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Time, it’s more important than money for many of us. Finding time to get work and projects done can be difficult in today’s world, but it’s something that we all need to learn how to do.
Finding ways to be more productive in today’s world can be difficult and somewhat excruciating, but thankfully there seems to be a new application created every day to help people save time. Here are 10 applications that we recommend for everyone, whether you are an Search Engine Optimization specialist or just someone who is looking to be more productive during the day.
  • Sunrise –Sunrise is an application that can merge multiple calendars, such as work and social calendars, together. This is the perfect app for those that juggle multiple calendars and need to simplify their datebook. Sunrise is available on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Awesome Screenshot – Awesome Screenshot does just what it says, it takes awesome screenshots. In a world where we often need to record what we see, awesome screenshot is your browsers best friend. With the ability to annotate and crop images on the go, Awesome Screenshot can help you easily highlight specific items and send to your friends.
  • Buffer – Latest reports say that you need to be updating your twitter account 8 times a day to remain consistent, but who has time for that? With Buffer you can schedule timed updates not just for Twitter but for all your favorite social media applications including Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Noteability for iPad – Whether you’re dealing with PDFs or simple Word Documents, Noteability gives you the option to sign and alter documents on the fly via tablet. Most of all, it syncs perfectly with your favorite cloud applications including Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • LastPass – In a world where we have a password for just about everything, it’s often hard to remember the keyword combination for every account. LastPass is designed to make password management simple and easy.
  • Sidekick by Hubspot – Hubspot’s Sidekick might be the new kid on the block but it’s a tool that every Gmail user should be using. When running, Sidekick gives the user the ability to easily see when an email has been opened and looked by the recipient, making our email lives a bit easier.
  • Todoist – We all have to do lists that are hard to keep up with, but Todoist makes keeping a to do list easy. A simple application that syncs to both desktop and mobile devices, Todoist allows you to create and edit to do lists on the fly.
  • Color – Taking pictures has become an everyday priority for many of us, but if you’re a content creator taking a picture is only half the battle. Color allows you to edit pictures easily by adding filters, text, and various other effects straight from your mobile device.
  • Dropbox – With many of us living on the go, having items saved on your hard drive is a thing of the past. Dropbox allows you to easily save items in the cloud that are then accessible from a variety of devices.
  • Google Docs – Microsoft office is now obsolete in today’s on the go world.  Google Docs allows you to easily create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations no matter where you are. Most importantly is it has a variety of team functions, that allow a team to work on a project all at the same time.
These 10 applications are not just 10 tools that you should look at, but 10 tools that you should be using today.
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