Spot Negative Feedback from Organic Search Results and Turn It Around

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Negative feedback can quickly hamper your brand’s reputation online. Here’s how to manage your site’s online reputation with success by spotting negative feedback and using it to your advantage.
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With the Internet becoming increasingly interactive and customers interacting directly with the site owners, there is a possibility of receiving negative feedback. Just one single bad remark can easily damage the reputation that took years to build. Almost every user online has seen reports about some companies ripping off customers with a fake business. It is extremely easy for any customer to create such a report about your company as well, even if it is totally unwarranted. Thus, your company review is at the mercy of your customers.

High Rankings

Since you have a credible and authoritative website, such negative feedback shows up very high in page rankings across search engines. If a user were to type in your company name, they would instantly be able to see the negative company review, especially if there has been a negative rating about a rip-off type report against your company. These negative comments and feedback easily show up on every search result as soon as users type in your company information. This negative information typically gets revealed within the first three search results, making it highly visible to users. It is easy to imagine the extent of damage such negative comments can do to your brand.


This negative feedback can result in detrimental consequences for your business online. For example, company reviews from an authoritative website such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Craig’s List, etc all show up with extremely high page rankings on a search result pertaining to your company. Since these websites have credibility and authority, they have high rankings in organic search results and this is where the problem lies. The consequences of such negative feedback can range from customers avoiding shopping on your site to having to close down the business completely.

The Way Out

There are ways to find out if there is a negative feedback about your company in organic search results. You can check this by typing in a different version of your site name on any popular search engine. Check the first few search result pages to see if there is any negative remark. If so, you need to undertake corrective action. Personally managing customer complaints and resolving issues instantly is the best way to thwart negative feedback. If the customer is very irate and bent on damaging your reputation, you need an aggressive plan to promote your existing site pages using the same keywords as used in that negative feedback. By building new websites revolving around keywords used in a negative company review you can promote your site and build back-links to the site. Another way to thwart such negative feedback is to do a company review of the site that posted the negative comment and push up such sites in the page rankings. By providing back links and promoting such sites, it will surpass all negative feedback posted on your company earlier. This process is ongoing and needs to be done regularly to consistently weed out negative feedback, and in many cases you need internet marketing specialists to manage your online reputation.
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