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Programming Alphabet Soup: The Difference Between PHP and ASP

Richard Horvath
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Programming websites used to be very simple. A little HTML here and there created a lovely, if static, website. But with any computer technology, even internet technology evolved to brand new capacities. Coming from someone who was at one time amazed by animated .gif files, it’s now mind-boggling to think of all the capabilities that the internet has to offer. And programming now comes in a variety of languages. Two popular ones are PHP and ASP.

PHP Programming Language

PHP is a server-side language. What does this mean? It means that PHP talks to a database on the server, usually MySQL, and does all its work before delivering the final product to you at the other end of the internet connection. However, it’s not exclusive. Due to its open-source nature, programmers have adopted it and helped it evolve into a leaner, meaner language than it originally started as. Therefore, it speaks to a wider range of servers. MySQL is often preferred because it, like PHP, is free. It also has a good support base. is a wealth of information where new updates and coding ideas are shared, and problems are solved. It can go just about anywhere and doesn’t need a special system to host it.

ASP Programming Language

ASP is Microsoft’s cousin to PHP. It is also server-side, but it’s a bit more exclusive in its tastes. It tends to like MSSQL, another Microsoft product. It also requires a Microsoft / Windows host and is more limited in its capabilities. is its own hub of programming information. Now, ASP isn’t dysfunctional by any means. It has the ability to speak other languages like Java, VBScript and C# (pronounced C-sharp). Sadly, though related, PHP and ASP do not work well together, so what do you choose in developing your websites? That debate is hot and heavy between programmers, almost as heated as the debate between Mac and PC users, so I won’t get into that. But choosing the right language and interface for your business is as easy as picking up the phone and calling your friends at TheeDigital. In business since 2004, our in-house web developers and programmers have the talent and experience to help you sift through the confusing alphabet soup to design a complete web presence to fit your needs, from logo creation to internet marketing with everything in between.
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