Pinterest Marketing Tips For Valentine’s Day

Fall in love with these Pinterest Valentine’s Day tips to help consumers find gifts for their sweethearts.

Valentine’s Day, the epitome of chocolate, flowers and romance, is upon us.

According to the National Retail Federation, 54% of Americans will celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones, averaging $133 on cards, candy and gifts. Ecommerce retailers can get it on the multi-billion dollar holiday by using Pinterest to sell their products.

Fall in love with these Pinterest Valentine’s Day tips to help consumers find gifts for their sweethearts.

Create Valentine’s Day Themed Boards

Create new boards that are specifically for your Valentine’s Day promotion and products. By organizing your products and ideas into specific boards, your followers will be able to see related ideas, gifts, foods, etc.

Examples of Valentine’s Day boards – Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him/Her, DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts, Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids, Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas.

*SEO Tip – When naming your boards, try to use your keywords in the title. Pinterest board titles are very SEO-friendly and have been known to show up in the search results.

Pin Your Products

Pin your Valentine’s Day products to your newly created boards. Make sure that the pins relate to their board, as pinners may only follow one of your boards and only want to see those items. If they start to see items they aren’t interested in, pinners may unfollow you.

When pinning to your boards, use quality and engaging images. They have the most impact on pinners and represent your brand identity. Also make sure that product/pin links back to your website, preferably that products page, increasing the chances of a sale. For more tips on adding pins to your boards, read Pinterest Optimization for Internet Retailers.

Run a “Be Mine” Promotion

Engage your Pinterest followers by running a Valentine’s Day promotion or contest. Barneys New York ran a promotion around Valentine’s Day a few years ago, encouraging its followers to create a “Barney’s New York Valentine’s Day Wish List” board. Pinners could pin anything they wanted to the board, as long as 5 pins were sourced from

Not only did the Barneys New York promotion creatively engage its followers, but also drove traffic to their website – which is the ultimate goal when trying to convert a visitor.

Woo Your Social Media Followers

Once you’ve got your Valentine’s Day boards and pins all set up, share them on your social media platforms. Let your fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram know that you have the perfect gifts for their valentine. And if they’re already following you on your other social networks, then they’re more inclined to follow you on Pinterest too – increasing your chances of creating a loyal customer.

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