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Original Designs of World’s Biggest Websites

Our web design crew took a quick jump in the TARDIS to travel back in time and look at some of the most popular websites in their start-up days.

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Our web design crew took a quick jump in the TARDIS to travel back in time online (aka browsing Wayback Machine) to have look at some of the most popular websites in their start-up days. Think about the websites you visit on a daily basis. Google, Facebook, and Amazon all started as awkward unknowns and have since gone through multiple revisions and redesigns over the years to evolve with their market, audience, and technology.

Before & After Screenshots of Popular Websites

First Amazon Homepage Design

First homepage design in 2013

Current homepage design

First Apple Homepage Design

First design of the Apple website in 2013

Current Apple website design

First Facebook Homepage Design

Facebook homepage back at the beginning in 2013

New Facebook home screen

First Google Homepage Design

First Google website design in 2013

How looks today

First New York Times Homepage Design

How the New York Times website looked when it first launched in 2013

How the looks today

First Twitter Homepage Design

The first Twitter (aka Twttr) website in 2013

Current Twitter website design
Which of these do you think has come the furthest in design? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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