NOW = Real-Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing is the latest internet marketing trend technique, and can positively influence your SEO strategy when done correctly. So just what is real-time marketing? Learn from Raleigh Internet Marketing and SEO experts, TheeDigital.

A form of marketing and advertising in which you’re targeting your customers through updates on a social media level- Twitter, Google +, Facebook- at times when they’re most engaged.

Real-Time Marketing is when you react with relevant messaging in real, or near-real time, and it’s achieved by listening to and anticipating customer needs. As the world of technology continually evolves, marketers are starting to realize that marketing is no longer just an 8-5 job. We all know technology is ever changing, and marketing game plans need to evolve as technology evolves. Hence, real-time marketing comes from our adaption to technology.

To give you an example, Oreo was successful in this type of marketing during the 2013 Super Bowl. When the entire stadium lost power, Oreo saw that as an opportune time to tweet “Power out? No problem.You can still dunk in the dark.

Get it? Oreo was responding to the blackout that happened during the game. The timing was perfect. So much, in fact, that the tweet received over 10,000 retweets in just an hour! Not bad for just a quick-witted response…or more aptly put, real-time marketing!

So, how do we adapt to technology and successfully promote our brands/organization?

Technology is constantly evolving and real-time marketing is one way to use technology to your advantage-to market to your audience. In order to successfully utilize this form of marketing, one must think outside the scope of traditional marketing and ask themselves, “When are my clients most engaged?”

The irony of real-time marketing is that although it seems purely spontaneous, it actually still requires a lot of strategic planning to ensure success metrics and goals are established!

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