Quality Web Design and Digital Marketing can Help Accountants Get Better Leads

Despite the advancement of accounting software, individuals and small business owners know the importance of a qualified CPA. As a CPA, you may be missing out on these important leads because your digital strategy is out of date. Find out how a new website and strategic marketing can help you get more clients.

You Know Finance. We Know Marketing.

Accounting professionals understand the difficulty amateurs face when attempting to submit their personal tax returns, especially when it comes to taxes for a business. You know it’s best to seek assistance from a qualified CPA when it comes to complicated tax issues. So, as an accountant who understands the importance of professional support, why would you leave your marketing and web design to an amateur?

Website Design & Digital Marketing for Accountants

But, unlike traditional marketing of the past, marketing in the digital age is challenging in so many ways, you may be unsure where to turn for help. Many digital marketing agencies you find across the internet have flashy websites and hip buzzwords to entice clients and potential employees. But what does that actually do for you, the business owner?

A trendy agency is great for staff, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to what is important to you the business professional. Lawyers, doctors, and accountants are more prestigious businesses and it’s important for their advertising and marketing to match their professionalism.

At TheeDigital, our team recognizes the challenges that accounting firms face. We believe you deserve qualified web designers who can maximize your website’s appeal, and marketing coordinators who understand the importance of creating engaging content that converts visitors into clients.

Audits, They’re Not Just for Accountants Anymore!

First, the marketing team will conduct an audit of your current website, if you have one. The goal is to assess the current state of the content, user experience, speed, and other factors. Once the assessment has completed, our team will schedule a meeting to discuss what your focus will be. Commonly, we ask our accounting clients:

  • Who is the target market?
  • Where is your target location for clients?
  • What services does your firm offer?
  • What keywords do your clients typically search for?

After our consultation, TheeDigital’s marketing team will scour the internet for link building opportunities, optimize your website for user engagement and improve your online presence with proven tactics for local SEO. Our marketers perform online reputation management by following “white hat” tactics to promote your website and to avoid penalization by Google. If your website has ever been flagged or under penalty, our team will check your current backlink profile, keyword optimization and other various factors that could be holding your site down. Once we establish the cause of the problem, our team will begin repairing your reputation by working within Google’s trust guidelines.

Poor or Unethical Marketing for Accounting Firms Leads to Trouble

We have helped accounting firms that worked with a less than reputable agencies in the past. Our team quickly determined the client had fallen under penalty due to duplicated content and “spammy” link building tactics used by the previous company. Within a few short weeks, our team was able to disavow bad links, add new quality links and update the on site content. We requested Google re-crawl the website, and shortly thereafter, the client began ranking locally for CPA, Accountant and Tax Preparation.

Putting Your Accounting Firm in Front of Your Potential Clients

Your local accounting firm shouldn’t casually consider its digital marketing strategy. It is every bit important as having an office in today’s business world. Most patrons will conduct a generic local search for a topic that interests them, and often, they have never heard of a company before choosing to buy from or become a client. Generally speaking, during the research stage, your accounting website’s placement in the organic search results will vastly increase your opportunity to convert those searchers to permanent clients.

Looking for an experienced web design agency that can create a custom accounting website for you that is search engine friendly and easy to manage? Contact our award-winning web designers and internet marketing professionals in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a complimentary consultation and website review.