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Have you ever been shopping online and found a product that you loved and were ready to buy BUT the checkout process was too long and complicated so you went someplace else to buy it? Well, One Step Checkout is a perfect option for ecommerce owners to make it easier for your customers to spend their money in YOUR online store.
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Improve customer conversion and reduce shopping cart abandonment by keeping your check out form simple and straight forward. Keep all of the important information on one page. With One Step Checkout, all of the fields are on one page and are automatically updated as the customer enters and selects key pieces of information.
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Your customer’s first impression of the check out page is extremely important! Your checkout page design should avoid being overwhelming. The fewer actions (i.e. clicking to next page, or filling out many forms) the greater the chance the purchase will be completed.
One Step Checkout reduces the standard Magento checkout from 6 steps down to just 1. Additionally, this checkout option is fully customizable which means that you, as the site owner, have complete control over how you want the page to look and function.

One Step Checkout Cheat Sheet

Magento One Step Checkout Extension
Click on the image above to expand and view all of the key functions and fields of the One Step Checkout Extension.
Does your online shopping cart need an upgrade? Find out if this Magento extension is right for your ecommerce website. Contact the ecommerce website developers at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation.

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