How to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Have you been maximizing Twitter's marketing value? Get ahead of the competition with these 4 tips for increasing engagement with your followers.

In 2013, over 85% of business marketers used Twitter, making the act of sending a tweet the new handshake. More than half of the followers who saw a brand mentioned in their network took further action – making Twitter an exciting way in interact with followers and customers. Even though many businesses are using Twitter, they aren’t using the platform to its full marketing potential.

Are you maximizing Twitter’s marketing value? Get ahead of the competition with these four tips for increasing engagement with your followers.

Twitter Marketing

Tips to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

  1. Establish Relationships – Twitter’s unique blend of short and sweet messages breaks down networking boundaries. A retweet requires very little commitment. So while local magazine or big heroes in your industry may not share your content on Facebook, they are far more likely to interact with you on Twitter. Likewise, with the press of a simple retweet button, you can share their content and get noticed. Once you’ve established a solid connection, the collaboration can be taken to the next level – in the form of valuable backlinks or even real-world connecting.
  2. Hold Interactive Conversations – Unlike Facebook statuses, which sit at the top of your wall where all your followers can see, tweets get pushed to the bottom of an ongoing stream. Fast paced and interactive, Twitter really shines as a conversational platform. Encourage employees and colleagues to join – tweeting directly to each other, then retweeting. This increase in social engagement expands your community’s reach by allowing your friends and followers to see your activity.
  3. Use Hashtags – Often perceived as trendy bits of pop culture, hashtags actually double audience engagement. Research which hashtags your audience uses to ensure your tweets get seen by your target market. For example, a Raleigh dentist may want to use #teeth to promote her dental practice, when using #Raleigh would reach more consumers. Also, don’t underestimate the power of attending large, local events. Often, events have a unique hashtag for attendees to communicate with each other. Attending real-life events, then tweeting several times with that hashtag, cements your brand’s virtual presence at community functions.
  4. Increase Visibility with Twitter Cards – Adding an image to your tweet helps it stand out, further increasing engagement. When followers retweet you, the image automatically remains in the stream. However, if people share directly from your website, only the text shows up in their feed. This is where the “Twitter Cards” feature comes in handy. It allows you to mark-up individual web pages on your site with tags, so when people tweet them, the image of your choice, along with a title and description, automatically appear from the tweet’s “View Summary” link. It’s a great and simple way to get more engagement and expand your brand’s reach.

Twitter is meant to be a lively discussion, like the short, staccato chirps of a thousand birds. Make sure your brand is heard. Tweet to friends; tweet to collaborators and competition; tweet to heroes. Then retweet.

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