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Ecommerce Tips for Cyber Monday

Richard Horvath
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The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to shop! With two of the largest shopping days just around the corner it’s important to make you sure you are ready for all the holiday shopping traffic, especially if you are an online retailer. In 2012, Cyber Monday brought in roughly $1.5 billion in sales – roughly 30% higher than 2011. This year Cyber Monday is expected to be bigger and better, especially since mobile sales have accounted for 55% of online purchases in 2013 so far.
Cyber Monday E-Commerce Tips
Make sure your ecommerce website is ready for the Cyber Monday traffic with these 6 tips:
  1. Optimize for Mobile: Mobile shopping continues to dominate internet shopping, with 55% of mobile users purchasing products using their smartphone or tablet. Upgrade your website using responsive web design, to convert your mobile visitors into customers.
  2. Expedite & Simplify the Checkout Process: Simplify the checkout process by minimizing the number of pages and information required to make a purchase. Unnecessary steps in the checkout process could discourage shoppers from completing their transactions, resulting in decreased sales for you. Expedite the process by offering variety of payment options, including digital payments such as PayPal.
  3. Offer Discounts & Savings: Shoppers are expecting big deals and savings on Cyber Monday. By offering promotions such as free shipping, free gift with purchase, percentages off, and more, you’ll be able to drive traffic and increase sales.
  4. Use Email Marketing: Tell your shoppers all about your easy checkout process and super saving discounts with email marketing. According to Monetate, 46% of shoppers will hear about the best holiday deals from a retailer’s email. Email marketing doesn’t have to end at the holidays either. Keep it going all year long, building a relationship and loyalty with your subscribers.
  5. Create holiday Buzz with a Countdown: Show your holiday excitement by putting a countdown ticker on your website. By counting down the days, hours and minutes to Cyber Monday, you’re creating anticipation and excitement for your products and promotions. You’re also creating scarcity in the minds of shoppers, amplifying the excitement and need to come back to your site.
  6. Share via Social Media: Share your amazing discounts and promotions, your holiday countdown and your new and improved checkout process across your social media platforms. Let your fans know why they should be shopping with you this holiday season, maybe even offer a special discount just for Facebook and Twitter fans.
Need help preparing your website for Cyber Monday? Contact the web designers at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation.

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Richard Horvath

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