Are Your Sales Letters Just Junk?

Most consumers view your letters as junk mail and consequently discard it. Take the time to read these tips on how to improve your sales letters.

Sending potential clients or prospects a sales letter can be a very effective way to penetrate your target market. Unfortunately, most consumers view your letter as junk mail and consequently discard it. The end result is wasted time, wasted effort, and wasted opportunity. But before you completely disregard this marketing tool, take the time to read these eight tips on how to improve your sales letters.

1. They are not even opening it. Make an impression with your envelope! Most plain white envelopes are going to get discarded as their assume you message is plain. “Lumpy Mailers” are all the craze these days as consumers are more apt to open something that is different. A simple hand addressed envelope could also make a big difference.

2. Be unique. If they do open it, position your business as something remarkable! It is important to motivate your audience to respond.

3. Have a Headline. Get their attention with something that speaks to them. The end result of a good headline is the recipient wanting to read more.

4. Keep it Short and Sweet. Nobody wants to open a letter and read a novel. Your message will have a better chance of getting across if it is to the point and illustrates quickly what your business can do for them.

5. The Proof is in the Pudding. Give your audience something substantial to believe in such as cold hard facts, testimonials or statistics… don’t just overload them with fluff.

6. Look Good. Make sure you letter has a clean look which includes bullets and proper formatting. It will allow the reader to scan for the main points of the letter and entice them to read more.

7. Make it Worth Their Time. Give them a reason to respond with a special offer or give-away item. Don’t ever underestimate the power of “FREE”!

8. P.S. Sum up the letter with an effective P.S. for people who are skimming. Be sure to include the best features or offers in the P.S. to leave the reader with something to remember!

Stop sending junk and start sending smart, innovative letters that work!