7 Facts on Display Advertising That You Need to Know

Okay, so you are using search advertising to get leads in Google’s search engines but have you thought about display advertising? Here are the 7 things you need to know about Display Advertising now!

So you’re already using search advertising to get leads in Google’s search engines, but have you thought about display advertising? Display advertising offers many benefits and our Cole Watts recently had the opportunity to talk about display ads with the local Raleigh SEO Meetup group.

Before you begin, it’s important to understand what display advertising can do. It might not make you a ton of money or help you reach customers who are looking for services immediately like search campaigns do, however it can help you improve your branding and overall impressions.

From videos, images, and text ads, display advertising can take many forms. However, no matter the type of display advertising that you are using, it’s important to understand the following points to make sure that your advertising is reaching its highest level.

  1. Don’t Forget Ad Extensions: Ad extensions are available in display ads as well as search ads. Advertisers often only turn on these extensions in search, but depending on your goals it might be worth turning them on for display too.
  2. Use Placements, Topics, Interests and Keywords Together: By offering bid adjustments based on the website that the user is visiting, you can increase the chance that your advertisement will show up in front of a particular user.
  3. Know Your Options: Ask yourself “Why is my target customer?” Within Google’s Display Network, you have various advertising options including age, gender, and even parental settings. By using these settings you can target potential demographics of users.
  4. Category Options: Categories are another way to remove unnecessary ad spend. In-Game, Mature Audience, Mobile App, Profanity and Rogue Language are all categories that you should know about and probably remove from your ads immediately.
  5. YouTube Videos: Understand your video ads. Not all ads are created equal and it’s important to know exactly when people are going to be viewing your ads. From True-View ads to ad insights, YouTube videos offer you many ad options that you might not have thought about.

Understanding Remarketing Ads

It’s also important to understand PPC Remarketing, one of the latest AdWords advertising trends. Remarketing will allow you to:

  1. Be SMART About AdWords Placement: Remarketing ads are great for visitors and for attracting long term customers who think about your business long term in the sales funnel, but it might also potentially annoy potential other customers and friends. Remember to think about them when placing your ads.
  2. Custom Combination: Use Custom Combinations to market to your audiences. This will help you pinpoint your advertising to your customers instead of making you just shoot in the wind.

If you follow these steps you will be a Search and Display PPC Master in no time.

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