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What To Expect in Your Company’s Social Media Policy

Richard Horvath
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A social media policy, do you have one? No matter the size of your business, it’s more important than ever to have a social media policy in place in today’s digital world.
Raleigh Social Media Compliance and Policy
With new social media networks popping up every day it’s important that every company have a social media policy in place on how to deal with negative comments or controversies that might happen, just in case a situation arises. This policy should not stop employees from speaking up on their favorite social media channels, instead a social media policy should empower employees to speak up and be advocates for their company or brand. Every social media policy is different depending on the company, however there are a few elements that should be covered in every policy.

The Social Media Policy Statement

Every company needs a policy statement in regards to social media. This statement defines why the policy is in affect and should reiterate that the policy is not in place to prevent employees from speaking about their company or taking away any of their first amendments rights.

Social Media Policy and Procedures

Everyone should know how to participate and contribute to these networks, without upsetting others.  That’s why the social media policy is in place and procedures section, is in place. No matter if you work at an internet marketing company or at a retail store, every person personifies their companies values. The policy and procedures section should cover the dos and don’ts of what to say on social media, and what each and every person can say when dealing with a crisis or situation.

Social Media Tips

Not everyone is a social media expert, however there might be a time when each and everyone of us will have to speak up on a channel. Social media tips should be written in every policy to help ensure that everyone from the top ranking official to the ground floor employees knows how to use these channels effectively and get the most out of them. Do you have a social media policy in place? If so, leave in the comments below what your companies social media policy covers and what you would like to change about it?
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