What Could One Super Bowl Commercial Buy in Online Ads?

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A typical 30 second commercial spot during the Super Bowl costs almost $4 million. Our internet marketers ask the question: How much could $4 million buy in online advertisements?

In theory, $4 million in ad spend could go towards:

  • A Custom YouTube Homepage Ad for 8 Days YouTube offers adspace on their homepage for $500,000 per day.
  • A Promoted Trending Topic on Twitter for a Month Twitter is a far-reaching social platform with a global audience. They have recently started offering promoted trending topics for brands that cost around $120,000 per day.
  • 130 Million Video Impressions on Hulu A video ad on Hulu currently sells for $30.
  • 900+ Million Impressions on Tumblr’s Radar An ad on Tumblr’s Radar costs $25,000 for 6 million impressions. $4 million would then buy 900 million impressions. And this doesn’t even include extra impressions earned organically from users sharing your content with their network!
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