The Key Tips for a Successful Social Media Content Strategy

A successful social media content strategy may include sites such as Facebook and Twitter and is dependent upon the consistent publication of honest and relevant content.

Whether you are using Twitter or Facebook to communicate and engage online, a successful content strategy can help you increase your network. By understanding your target audience, knowing your own voice and being honest, you can provide content that users find valuable. Select which social media sites, such as Twitter or Facebook, you will use and define where they fit into your overall marketing strategy. Understanding the purpose and how you intend to engage, and then setting a schedule for content development and publication will ensure that the content you provide is of value.

The Key Tips for a Successful Social Media Content Strategy

Identify Your Audience

Who in the social media universe are you trying to connect with? And why is that somebody interested in what you have to say? Why would they like or recommend you? These are all questions you should ask yourself. Think realistically about how you can share value with your followers. Knowing whom you want to connect with and what they are looking for will influence your content strategy. On sites such as Twitter or Facebook, it’s not just about the number of friends or followers you may have, but the quality of engagement. When content appeals to users, it is likely they will share within their own networks, doing the best kind of marketing for you – word of mouth.

Know Your Own Voice

All the hard work of building connections and building a trustworthy reputation online is all for naught if the content you post is inconsistent. Everything you post as part of your content strategy should reflect accurately on your brand, or on you. Sounding conservative and formal in one post and then playful and intimate in another can confuse the visitor and your message and ultimately have a negative influence on your brand recognition or your reputation.

Define Your Goals

Know how you want to use sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Are they to be used as sales tools to expand membership and share special offers; a way for customers to receive support and participate in Q&A; or for brand recognition? Knowing your goals and how you plan to utilize various social media sites to reach those goals will keep your communications clear. You can then begin to build a reputation for exactly what you offer, industry info, troubleshooting, or just for laughs. Knowing how you want to communicate and what you want from your users should help to define your personal goals.

Create Your Content Roadmap

To ensure you are regularly creating and posting unique and interesting content, put together a content calendar that aligns with the keyword or other targets defined in your content strategy. Determine how often you will be posting and make sure it is a schedule you can realistically keep or that makes sense for your brand. Daily posts may not be necessary if it makes more sense to post weekly. Ultimately, the frequency of your content should make sense for your company and be relevant for your users. It should also be on a regular schedule so that your network can look forward to content from you at a set time on a set day.

Be Honest and Don’t Be Annoying

In the end, you want to provide good, quality content. Bad content is annoying and easy to identify-it’s fake, it’s a thin veneer that covers sleazy motivations and it will result in a bad reputation or force your followers to “de-friend” you, fast. Be honest, have a point of view, ask questions and don’t force your products or services down the throat of your audience. In return, your audience will engage, they will comment and they will share. It often helps to provide the opportunity for followers and friends in your Twitter or Facebook networks to create their own original content. Everyone likes to have a voice, but for obvious reasons, you might want to regularly screen and delete posts that could be harmful to your brand or mission or that are not relevant.

In the social media marketing universe, your opportunities for increasing sales, getting brand recognition or just for sharing and becoming well-known are boundless. And, for the time being, it’s absolutely free!

Social media marketing should be a part of any comprehensive internet marketing strategy as it’s a powerful way to provide information about brand. If you would like some help in getting your accounts up and running, just call the internet marketing specialists at TheeDigital at 919-341-8901 or fill out our inquiry form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.