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Social Media Lessons from the Most Engaging Brands on Twitter (Infographic)

Richard Horvath
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The number of Twitter followers or Facebook likes your company has doesn’t mean squat if there is no community engagement. Having a large following doesn’t automatically correlate to having an engaged audience. Those in the internet marketing industry have known this for a long time, so it is surprising how many companies still care more about the number of followers and likes on their pages than they do about the content those social platforms are providing. Admit it: It’s an ego boost to see high numbers. That’s why you see so much spam like “Buy more Facebook likes today!” or “I will provide you with thousands of Twitter followers instantly!” They just want to feed your ego for a profit. The following infographic helps prove that those “friends” numbers don’t mean squat. Some of the world’s biggest brands (and biggest social media marketing budgets) with large followers aren’t the same big brands who are engaging with their audience. What counts as a bigger bang for your buck – having millions of silent customers? or thousands of customers talking about you to their friends?
Social Media Lessons from Big Brands Infographic
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