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Last Minute Social Media Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales

Boost your sales this holiday season by using these crafty social media tips!

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The countdown to the holidays have arrived and the frantic search for the perfect gift for everyone on your list is in full swing. Fortunately, this last minute shopping that your consumers do gives you the opportunity to market your products and services as the perfect gift. Social media is a fast, effective way to advertise your products and get them in front of consumers. Our internet marketing team has come up with some last-minute social media tips to boost your holiday sales this season. Social Media tips for the holidays

Social Media Marketing for the Holidays

  • Post Platform-Specific Sales and Specials – When looking for a last minute gift, price plays a big part in the decision-making process. Hold specials or a sale that is exclusive to a specific platform, like Facebook or Pinterest users only. Adding statements that make Facebook fans or Pinterest followers feel like they are receiving a special deal that isn’t accessible to just anyone, and those last minute shoppers appreciate the convenience
  • Schedule in Advance – Social media has several different tools you can use to schedule your posts so you can save time and plan a strategy in advance. Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and If This, Then That all let you choose what to post, what channels to post it to, and when you want that post to be published. Set up posts to go out in advance to feature a “Gift of the Day” or other deals you’re running without having to remember to post about them each day in the midst of the holiday hubbub.
  • Charitable Efforts – The holidays are about giving, even for those selling. Between two similar brands, 90 percent of consumers are more likely to choose the one who gives back to charity than the brand who doesn’t. When shopping for last minute gifts, buying a product that also donates a portion of the proceeds to a charitable foundation helps your consumers feel like they’re doing good and helps add personality to your brand. Social media give a lot of opportunity to showcase these special promotions.
  • Facebook Ads – Facebook ads are one of the most popular social media marketing tactics out there. Facebook Ads lets you target people based on a certain location, gender, age, interest, and online purchasing habits, and monitor how those ads are performing. You get to be in total control of your budget and audience!
  • Promote your Pins – Similar to Facebook Ads, Pinterest lets you promote certain pins to a specific audience. With promoted pins, you can choose your goal, your budget, your target audience, and what products you want to pin. Link each pin right to the product page on your website to make the easiest, last-minute shopping experience out there!
Social media plays a big role in creating brand awareness, promoting sales and products, and driving traffic to your site. Don’t forget to use your social media platforms this holiday season to boost your company’s sales.

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