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Only five years young, Magento has taken over the ecommerce market and revolutionized how online transactions take place. Over 25% of ecommerce websites are now supported by Magento, which makes it the largest platform provider in its category. Magento has not stopped growing since its inception and was even acquired by eBay last year. What makes Magento a top choice for ecommerce sites? Our web developers use Magento because of its versatility and easy coding. Online merchants love that credit cards are easily managed for purchases since the site is PCI-compliant. Another plus, Magento-based websites experience higher traffic, meaning more opportunities to engage visitors with strategic designs and web content. The platform is loved by Google and offers SEO-friendly options to keep your site ranking high.
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Online merchants all across the world are using the popular ecommerce platform, which funnels millions of dollars in transactions annually. The retail markets that use custom Magento sites experience creative control over merchandising, product features and promotion. In any business, these activities take time away from other business aspects like marketing, distribution and running partner businesses. Our web designers show ecommerce site owners how Magento’s interface allows a single administrator to operate several websites. This helps business owners save money and stay above their competition if they want to customize a special site for a product or brand. Every website has a different function and ecommerce websites have highly specialized requirements compared to other sites. When building an online store, merchants need to customize a website to reflect their image, but they also need the latest shopping cart solutions to make purchases easy to track and convenient for consumers. Since each type of website has its own unique platforms and services associated with it, ecommerce website owners need to know how to make the most of their online space. One of the most attractive features of the Magento platform is the unique pricing features offered. Dozens of tiered pricing methods, exclusive products, catalog discounts, and customer offers are customizable under the platform. Combining the best ecommerce platform with expert web designers in Raleigh creates an interactive, easily found, and effective online consumer experience. Whether redesigning a site or launching a start-up, our Raleigh web designers with experience in Magento develop shopping cart themes that pull visitors in, entice them to make purchases, and keep them coming back for return transactions.
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