How Do I Get People to Like Me (on Facebook)?

Looking to boost your number of Facebook fans and likes? Interesting content combined with time and consistency can go a long way.

Many businesses, large and small, have Facebook pages dedicated to building their brand and fostering relationships with their customers. All of this effort would be wasted, however, if your page doesn’t have many fans or Likes!

Keep your page updated with new content.

One place to start is with content. You want to keep your Facebook posts and statuses new, fresh and interesting. The more interesting or relevant content you have on your page, the more likely users will see it and interact by commenting, sharing it with their friends, and liking your page.

Ask interesting and fun questions to get fans talking.

In addition to good content, it’s also a great idea to ask questions from time to time. Not just Yes/No questions, but something that encourages comments and sharing like: “What’s your all-time favorite Christmas jingle?” Many time you’ll find that the simplest questions get the most responses.

Hide your wall content behind a Like filter.

There are many Facebook social plugins and widgets available on the web. Many of them will hide your wall content of your Facebook page until you click the banner image or Like button. This pushes the visitor to Like your page before they have access to see and make comments on your wall or view any of your photos or info.

Tag your fans in photos and videos.

If you host client appreciation events or networking opportunities, you can take photos and videos and encourage fans to tag themselves afterward. This pushes the pictures onto their wall and friends’ News Feeds, providing valuable exposure. We all know that a picture says a thousand words – think about all the times you notice thumbnail images in your news feed before text.

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