SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

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It’s a dream come true! You’ve waited most of your adult life to finally open your sleek and modern online store and today is the grand opening. The shopping cart software you installed has been tested and is ready to rock. Your friends have made a few test purchases, and they went through without a hitch. You have plenty of product in stock, with the ability to order more in a moment’s notice. Even the marketing plan is clicking on all cylinders with special offers and referral gifts. Heck, even your prices are competitive.

Sounds Like a Perfect Way to Generate Revenue on The Web, Right?

Well, almost. Since you are a new ecommerce website owner, potential customers still need to find your site. Sure you could buy a list of emails and blast them with a newsletter service. You can go old-school marketing with some classy direct mail, or new school with some social media like Twitter or Facebook. If you have the money to spend – or have a coupon – you could set up a pay-per-click campaign to funnel traffic to your new site.
SEO Services for eCommerce Websites Raleigh NC
But in my opinion – and the rest of the gang over here at TheeDigital – we believe having a quality organic SEO ranking is the most cost-effective way to generate visitors on your website. Unfortunately, the basic rules of SEO are against ecommerce websites to rank well, but here are a few tips. Use Creative, Original Product Descriptions. Most product descriptions are the same and fairly generic, which search engines could penalize for duplicate content. That is why you need to be original with your product descriptions, even if you are selling the same product as all of your competitors. Create Some Content. Online stores for the most part do not have a lot of wording. By inserting keyword rich content, you could significantly increase your SEO score, especially since most of your online competitors have “canned” content. Use Meta Data. It’s crazy how often I look at ecommerce sites and the page titles, descriptions and keywords are pretty much blank. This is a golden opportunity to describe what you sell, and utilize valuable keywords that potential clients are searching for. It will have a significant impact on yourSEO score.
There are plenty of other SEO related techniques that could be utilized but these simple tactics can help any website, ecommerce or not. If you want to learn more about web design, SEO or anything else internet related then visit our main blog page or call TheeDigital at 919-341-8901.

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